Simona Ahrnstedt is one of the best romance novelists in Germany

More happy news for Nordin Agency’s author Simona Ahrnstedt and her novel Die Erbin who came in as the bronze medalist in‘s reader’s choice award Die Leserpreis. The book, published by Egmont Lyx Verlag in October this year, was chosen from hundreds of others in the category for best romance and Simona is the only non-english speaking author in the top five. Quite a feat of strength for our Queen of Romance.

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Queen of suspense Viveca Sten is a triple threat this fall!

Last Wednesday saw the release of In Truth, Viveca Sten’s eighth crime novel in the internationally popular Sandhamn Murder Series. The book shot straight to number one and is currently one of the best selling novels in Sweden in three different formats.

Meanwhile the fifth season of the acclaimed series based on Viveca’s novels will run as a three parter on TV. To top it all off the author can be seen competing in Sweden’s most popular celebrity game show “På Spåret” at the end of the year.

The new novel takes place a week before Swedish midsummer. After being badly bullied a young child goes missing from sailing camp on a neighboring island to Sandhamn.

I wanted to explore every parents nightmare in this book. Sending your child away to camp believing that they’re in a safe environment and then finding out the opposite is true. That’s the worst thing imaginable, says Viveca Sten

There are eight novels in the Sandhamn Murder series now. Together they’ve sold more than 3 million copies and are published in over 25 countries the world over. This makes Viveca Sten one of Sweden’s most successful crime writers to date. The TV series based on her novel has over 35 million viewers all over the globe and success continues. Seeing the publication of her first novel in the US and UK was a smash. Viveca and Still Waters swiftly climbed to number one of the charts in both countries.

It seems like the readers really to Still Waters to heart, says Viveca Sten.

And of course they did. The Sandhamn Murder series are clever, suspenseful and filled with great characters that quickly become addictive. In Truth is no exception and it would be fair to say that this could actually be one of her best books yet.