German audio rights sold for Emelie Schepp

We’re happy to announce that the German edition of His Soul to Take by Emelie Schepp will be available in audio via Audible.

Pappas pojke

This spring Nordin Agency are proud to..

English rights sold for book 9 and 10 in the Sandhamn Murder Series by Viveca Sten

We are happy to announce that English rights to the 9th and 10th book in Viveca Sten’s Sandhamn series have been acquired by Amazon Crossing. Amazon Crossing have published the first six books in the series.

Viveca Sten

Finnish rights sold for The Book About Going To Pre-school

We’re delighted to announce that Finnish rights for Josefine Sundström‘s The Book About Going To Pre-school, beautifully illustrated by Mervi Lindman, have been acquired by Otava.

Boken om att gå på förskolan