Bestelling Swedish Romance Author To Be Published In North America By Kensington Publishing In The First Deal Of Its Kind

Kensington Publishing Corp., America’s Independent Publisher, announces that it has acquired World English rights to the bestselling contemporary romance trilogy written by Swedish sensation Simona Ahrnstedt in the first deal of its kind in the genre. With the worldwide popularity of Swedish mysteries and thrillers, Kensington is proud to bring a new kind of commercial Swedish fiction to English readers.

Simona Ahrnstedt, Sweden’s groundbreaking author has pioneered the country’s new wave of romance featuring strong female characters and delicious male leads with undercurrents of feminism that will appeal to smart women everywhere. To date, over 70,000 copies have sold in Sweden. Foreign rights have also been sold to: France, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Spain and Turkey; guaranteeing Simona is an author with universal appeal.

Alicia Condon, Editorial Director, Kensington Publishing Corp., observes, “Simona’s novels, with their underlying feminist themes and beautifully evocative Swedish settings, bring a fresh vision to the world of bestselling women’s fiction. I think they’re the next big thing readers of contemporary romance are looking for.”

In addition to World English rights, Alicia Condon, also acquired digital and audio rights in the English language from Anna Frankl of Nordin Agency. The first novel, ONLY ONE NIGHT, will be published in the summer of 2016.

Set in Stockholm’s financial district, ONLY ONE NIGHT is the story of Natalia De la Grip, one of corporate finance’s most talented young leaders. Born into wealth and the upper class, Natalia is expected to mate with a partner of equal stature. But Natalia has always chosen her own path. David Hammar is a working class upstart who has managed to become one of Sweden’s richest venture capitalists. For years, Hammar has been scheming for revenge on the De la Grip Empire. All he needs is one of the De la Grips on his side. Unexpectedly, sparks fly at their first encounter. A relationship is unthinkable. It was only one night—wasn’t it?

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Kensington Publishing – Simona Ahrnstedt Series Annoucement


Danish Publishing House Turbulenz has bought book rights of SEVEN DAYS TO LIVE by Carina Bergfeldt.

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Viveca Sten wins the Prix Polar for best crime novel

Nordin Agency are proud to congratulate Viveca Sten and her first novel STILL WATERS on winning the Prix Polar for best translated crime novel. The award was given out this weekend at the literature festival Saint-Maure en Poche where Viveca attended with her French publishing house Albin Michel. 

– I feel extremely honored to receive such a lovely award, says Viveca, and I am both proud and happy to be acknowledge in this way.

Viveca Sten has written seven books in her very popular Sandhamn Murder Series, three of which have been published in France so far. The series has been an incredible success internationally with over 3 million copies sold and about 30 million viewers across the world following the TV-adaptation.


“Swedish Summer” at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Congratulations to Viveca Sten whose cookbook Swedish Summer – Recipes from the Stockholm Archipelago came in third in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, also known as the Oscars of the cookbook world.
The book won best design in Sweden a couple of months ago and is now internationally acclaimed as well. Amazing work from the publisher Max Ström, photographers Lina Eriksson and Jeppe Wiklund and designer Patric Leo. Their work is offset perfectly with Viveca Sten​’s warm texts and yummy recipes.


Anna Karolina nominated for Crimetime Specsavers Award!

It is our pleasure to announce that Anna Karolina‘s STOLEN BABOON has been nominated for the new crime writing award Crimetime Specsavers Award.

This new prize will be awarded to a debut author from the past year and the ceremony will take place on the 15th August at Crimetime Gotland in Visby. (in Swedish)

Her second book NO MORE FISH IN THE SEA will be out this summer.

This is a breakthrough that can only be compared to Jens Lapidus’ /…/ Next to Leif GW Persson I have never encountered such a solid depiction of the police procedural. And the most essential of all. The level of suspense. It’s almost grueling. I ditch meetings, I forget to shower, I read the book while I eat my lunch. Enough said. Buy the book! Read it! Enjoy.
-Aftonbladet, Stig Larsson


Svensk romanceförfattare tar sig in på mångmiljard marknad

Efter det svenska deckarundret – Nu kommer svensk romance

Det svenska deckarundret har länge varit en snackis i förlagsvärlden.
Nu är det den svenska romantikens tur att gå på export.
Succéförfattaren Simona Ahrnstedt har skrivit treboksdeal med USA, och blir därmed den första svenska romanceförfattaren någonsin att ges ut på engelska. 

 Försäljningen är unik.
– Jag har aldrig hört talas om någon europeisk, än mindre svensk, romanceförfattare som lyckats säljas till USA, säger Anna Frankl, Simona Ahrnstedts litterär agent på Nordin Agency.
Att kunna exportera högklassig svensk romance till ett land som USA känns som ett privilegium, menar hon.
– Bara de allra bästa författarna kommer ut i USA och Simona, som är känd för sina feministiska och intelligenta berättelser, tillför något alldeles eget.

På några år har Simona Ahrnstedt helt på egen hand tagit genren till Sverige och anses stå i spetsen för den romancevåg som sveper in över landet. Hon är för närvarande aktuell med romanen En Enda Hemlighet (Forum, utgiven i maj.

Trots att endast två böcker ännu getts ut i den planerade trilogin blev amerikanska Kensington Publishing så förtjusta i Simonas böcker att de omgående la bud på hela serien.
– Jag är övertygad om att det finns en stark publik i USA för hennes fräscha nytillskott till genren, säger Alicia Condon, förläggare på Kensington.

Kärleken till romance är lika stor i USA som den svenska kärleken till deckare. Romance är Nordamerikas största litterära genre och omfattar en mångmiljardindustri med miljontals kräsna, engagerade läsare samt tusentals författare. Därmed är det också en av de absolut svåraste marknaderna att ta sig in på.
Sannolikheten att få sin svenska bok översatt till amerikanska är mindre än en promille.
– Jag är galet stolt att ha klarat nålsögat. Det här är litteratur som folk älskar att läsa, även om de inte alltid vet det innan, säger succéförfattaren, vars böcker redan sålts till åtta länder.

Simona Ahrnstedt är även aktuell i Midsommar på SVT1, 20.00 den 19e juni där hon diskuterar Romance med bland andra Sonja Aldén och Martin Stenmarck.

Anna Frankl, litterär agent
Tel: +46 (0)70 663 62 04

Simona Ahrnstedt (, född 1967 i Prag, är författare, leg. psykolog och kbt-terapeut. Hon har läst filmvetenskap, tyska, juridik, tjeckiska och filosofi. Hon har gett ut fem böcker i romance genren. Idag går hon i spetsen för den nya svenska romancevågen och brinner för genren – böcker av kvinnor, för kvinnor, om kvinnor.

Nordin Agency är en fristående litterär agentur som representerar författare i alla genrer från deckare till romance. Agenturen har varit verksam i 25 år och ägs av Joakim Hansson. Några av Nordins mest kända författare är Camilla Läckberg, Mons Kallentoft, Viveca Sten, Carin Gerhardsen, Marianne Fredriksson och Simona Ahrnstedt.

svensk_romanceförfattare_tar_plats_på_mångmiljard_marknad svensk_romanceförfattare_tar_plats_på_mångmiljard_marknad

Who will live and who will die?

Don’t miss Falleri, fallera, falleralla, out in stores now.

For the past eight years Swedish and international readers have had the privilege of going on thrilling and suspenseful journeys together with Carin Gerhardsen and her investigative team at the Hammarby Police. Conny Sjöberg has lead us through the most puzzling and gruesome cases meticulously composed by the author’s masterful hand. With each new book more readers have joined the club. Today Carin’s novels can be read in more than 20 languages. She has been no 1 on Barnes & Nobles and on Kindle’s bestselling charts, the books have sold more than one million copies and Carin has had the opportunity to travel the world and promote her authorship.

Now she’s back with the final installment in her internationally best selling Hammarby Series.

Conny Sjöberg and his team are in bad shape when they are called to investigate one of the most horrific crime scenes ever witnessed in Swedish history. Two people have been murdered in broad daylight in central Stockholm. A middle-aged woman and a little boy, brutally beaten to death with a hammer. And this is just the beginning. The beginning of the end.

Viveca Sten gets her Golden Book!

It was a happy celebration at German publishing house Kiepenheur & Witsch when author Viveca Sten came down to celebrate the incredible success of her novel STILL WATERS. This first book in her popular Sandhamn Murder Series has sold over 150 000 copies in Germany earning itself and the author the prestigious Golden Book. In total The Sandhamn Murder Series has sold over 600 000 copies in Germany, once again proving that Scandinavian Crime is a force to be reckoned with.

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THE LION TAMER Number 1 in Finland

THE LION TAMER by Camilla Läckberg is at the top of the Finnish chart in may. Congratulations, Camilla!

Läckberg nr1 FI

CARIN on the bestseller chart!

Congratulations, Carin Gerhardsen! Her latest book FALLERI, FALLERA, FALLERALLA continues being on the bestseller chart at Read more of the book here at FALLERI FALLERA FALLERALLA

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