The Times reviews Steve Sem-Sandberg’s THE CHOSEN ONES

Another fantastic review for Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s The Chosen Ones. Last Saturday, The UK Times’ Fiona Wilson talked warmly about the book, saying that:

The Chosen Ones is meticulously researched and laden with history but such is Sem-Sandberg’s skill that it does not feel this way: he jumps between his characters and weaves the historical details into their conversations, thoughts and actions. It’s an education but do not approach this book lightly. This is historical fiction at its most raw and disturbing.”

Congratulations to the author for another well-deserved praise.


ChosenOnes_cover_uk_webb  the_chosen_ones

ALL IN on Spanish bestseller chart!

All In, the first sizzling novel in Simona Ahrnstedt‘s contemporary series has soared up to the number one spot on Spanish bestseller charts. The book was released by Editora Plaza & Janés last Thursday.