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Malin Fors is back!

Following the successful seasonal and elemental motifs, Mons Kallentoft now launches a new theme about the senses. Once again with complex investigator Malin Fors.

In The Devil’s Scent Malin Fors has left Linköping for the swarming metropolis of Bangkok. A city full of scents, colours, sounds and tastes. But also corruption, violence and death.

“It’s fast-paced, the plot at times dirty, and the “heroes” not as noble as they perhaps should be, being representatives of justice. […] Sometimes when I read Kallentoft’s books, there’s an echo of the American hard-boiled genre with Mickey Spillane in the lead.”
Rolf Asmundsson, Östra Småland Nyheterna

The Devil’s Scent is the tenth book in Mons Kallentoft’s immensely successful Malin Fors-series. His prior books have been published in 28 different languages.