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Watch Isabel Eriksson’s first public appearance on Skavlan

On the 12th of September 2015 Martin Trenneborg, aka “The Bunker Doctor”, kidnapped a young woman in a meticulously planned fashion. He then locked her up in a soundproof concrete bunker he had been building for five years. His intentions were to keep her there for several years, but also to kidnap other women, have them sign a ‘sex contract’ and keep them as slaves for his pleasure. Now, for the first time, the woman tells her story.

The story about the young woman kidnapped by a man, later named ”The Swedish Fritzl” by international press, and held in a special built bunker. At last the book about one of Sweden’s most high profile court cases ever has been written, by no other than the victim herself. The brave woman who outsmarted her kidnapper has never before given so much as interview, but now it’s her turn to give her perspective of this horrendous crime.

Isabel Eriksson recently joined Nordin Agency, In the clutches of the Bunker Doctor is her depiction of what happened during her captivity. The book was first published by Lind & Co and the interview was aired the 13th of January.