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Mons Kallentoft’s Bambi number 1 best seller!

Mons Kallentoft has previously had a raving success with his Malin Fors-series, and it seems his second series is starting to reach the same heights! Co-written with author Markus Lutteman, The Zack Hercules-series is the greatest myth of all time, revisited. Where Greek mythology meets the modern thriller. With a hero who appears perfect on the surface, a young detective protégé, but like Hercules is rash and prone to mistakes, driven by guilt and surrounded by death.

The third book in the series, Bambi, is currently number one on the Swedish best seller charts in paperback! If you are yet to discover this thrilling series, you’re in for a read that’ll be hard to shake off. This is classic storytelling, a high-octane, fresh take on a Greek tragedy from an author who has sold more than 3-million books worldwide.

When the police arrive to a secluded island outside of Stockholm, they are confronted with a horrific sight: a group of upper-class youths seem to have performed hedonistic rituals, which have resulted in an outright bloodbath. But when yet another mass suicide occurs, the police are still without a clue.

For the first time in a while, Zack’s life appears to be on the right track. But when a nightmarish personal tragedy strikes, everything is turned upside down. At the same time he is confident that he can solve the mysterious suicides – if only he could trace the small pink pills with the Bambi image.

Bambi is the third instalment in Mons Kallentoft’s hard hitting series. It’s as thrilling and fast-paced as Zack and Leon, and just as frightening.