Zack Number 1

With “Zack” Mons Kalllentoft and his co-writer Markus Lutteman have put a modern spin on the Greek myth of Hercules – probably one of the most dynamic and thrilling stories in history. They are relocating it to Stockholm 2014 and hope to create an immortal hero. Zack is a different type of hero – multi–faceted with a turbulent background, many difficult childhood traumas that have come back to haunt him. He is just a young adult, but with an incredible energy as a police officer. When he was five years-old his mother – also a police officer – was murdered, but the perpetrator was never found. He has sworn to find his mother’s killer. The authors are using a classic fairytale from many centuries ago that is both captivating and dramatic. Each book centers around a specific case that is part of a grand, truly epic story.

Zack is number 1 on the largest Internet store Adlibris in Sweden after the second day on the market. The book rights are already sold to nine countries.

NEW! Deckarhuset – Swedish website for crime and thrillers reads ZACK and they say that the book gave them “Stieg Larsson vibes”!

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Viveca Sten and Thomas Engström Number 1 on Swedish Top list!

Viveca Sten and Thomas Engström Number 1 on Swedish Top List!

topplista june 2014

Svb Top list, June 2014

2. Viveca Sten “I maktens skugga”
5. Carin Gerhardsen ”Tjockare än vatten”
7. Ann Rosman ”Havskatten”

Audio book
1. Thomas Engström ”Väster om friheten”
2. Viveca Sten ”I maktens skugga”
6. Carin Gerhardsen ”Tjockare än vatten”

1. Viveca Sten ”I maktens skugga”

1. Viveca Sten ”I maktens skugga”
2. Carin Gerhardsen ”Tjockare än vatten” (Publit)
4. Carin Gerhardsen ”Tjockare än vatten” (Publit)

Top List in June by Swedish Booksellers is full of Nordin Agencys’ authors.
Number 1 for Viveca Sten on the Pocket & E-book and Thomas Engström on the audio book list. Viveca is also number 2 on the hardcover and on the audio book list. In addition to Viveca and Thomas, Carin Gerhardsen is on on number 2 and 4 on the E-book list. Ann Rosman on number 7 on the hardcover list. Carin is also on number 6 on the audio book list.