By Simona Ahrnstedt

Trust is the most precious commodity of all…
In the cutthroat world of Sweden’s financial elite, no one knows that better than corporate raider David Hammar. Ruthless. Notorious. Unstoppable. He’s out to hijack the ultimate prize: Investum. After years of planning, all the players are in place; he needs just one member of the aristocratic owning family on his side—Natalia De la Grip.

Elegant, brilliant, driven to succeed in a man’s world, Natalia is curious about David’s unexpected invitation to lunch. Everyone knows that he is rich, dangerous, and unethical. But she soon discovers he is also deeply scarred.

The attraction between these two is impossible, but the long Swedish nights unfold an affair that will bring to light shocking secrets, forever alter a family, and force both Natalia and David to confront their innermost fears and desires.


First published by Forum Bokförlag, 2014
400 pages


Bulgaria, Egmont
Czech Republic, Metafora
Denmark, Gyldendal/Flamingo
Estonian, Hea Lugu
Finland, WSOY
France, Robert Laffont
Germany, Egmont Lyx
Hungary, General Press
Iceland, Ugla Útgáfa
Israel, Kinneret-Zmora
Lithuania, Alma Littera
Norway, Vigmostad & Bjørke
Poland, Sonia Draga
Portugal, Asa Leya
Slovenia, Učila International
Spain, Plaza & Janés
Turkey, Dogan Egmont
UK, Piatkus/Little Brown
USA, Kensington Publishing


Ahrnstedt neatly balances lusty romance and the tension of corporate scheming at the highest level. Fans of strong women and powerful men will gladly buy stock in this story.
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

The author’s ability to skillfully fuse a luxurious lifestyle, a refreshingly different Swedish setting, a plot riddled with revenge and financial intrigue, and plenty of steamy romance means All In will be the must-have leisure read everywhere this summer.

A stylish tale of corruption, revenge, and hard-won love.
Kirkus Reviews

One of the most exciting new projects is the July 2016 publication of Swedish author Simona Ahrnstedt’s ALL IN.
Library Journal

Trailblazing Swedish author Ahrnstedt offers readers a satisfying game of high-stakes corporate intrigue and scandalously illicit passion. The romance between her strong, well-matched protagonists is engaging…There is plenty to enjoy here, particularly in the subplots, and fan interest will surely remain high for the rest of this trilogy.
RT Book Reviews

This passionate love story set in the cutthroat world of big business and venture capital was a bestseller in Sweden. Notorious corporate raider David Hammar doesn’t count on falling for Natalia De la Grip, the brilliant but unappreciated daughter of his chief rival. Drawn together by sexual sparks and their mutual outsider status, the two become lovers but must make a series of deeply difficult choices.
Publishers Weekly, Best Books of Summer

Given the popularity of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo, the idea is to introduce American audiences to another kind of Swedish commercial fiction. . . . I’m grabbing this one when it comes out in summer 2016.

Perfect for readers looking to shake up their usual romance reads.
Bookish, Best Books of Summer 2016

Everything a reader could want!
New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James

A compelling story that has heat and heart.
New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown

Fast-paced, sexy and smart!
New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

I’ve been searching for this feeling all year: this book left me absolutely breathless.
New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren

Sexy, smart, and completely unputdownable. Breathtaking, from start to finish.
New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare

I’ve been searching for this feeling all year: this book left me absolutely breathless.
Christina Lauren, NYT bestselling author

ALL IN is a well-written story, where you can tell that attention has been paid to the details. The character descriptions are both well developed and believable, which gives even more depth to the content. Her narrative is easy and free-flowing, at the same time as it retains an excellent frame; which gives the text a crisp freshness. (…) Simona Ahrnstedt raises her already high standard and delivers her best book yet. It is a well-written, nuanced and smart story, spiced with steamy eroticism and the longing for love. Romance when it is at its very best. Brilliant, Ahrnstedt!

Although it is set in the world of finance, about upper-class games and revenge, this is first and foremost a book about romance, the relatively new genre in Sweden, where love is the main ingredient. And Ahrnstedt dominates (…) This is a book I really enjoyed.
Gotlands Tidningar

It ends… well, of course, and the plot is heated, in more ways than one. Ahrnstedt knows her genre, it’s tight and well-written. Neither does she shy away from showing what she thinks about upper-class manners. This gives the book edge…

A must for those of us who love romance
Bokhyllan i pepparkakshuset, Book blog

This book teams with steamy sex. Of course it does. This is romance. And people should be having sex. Unlike the sex in “50 Shades” however (…) these people tend to have a sex with a certain warmth and desire. In “50 Shades” (…) everything is cool, calculated, unequal and not terribly healthy. Sex in this novel is completely different. Much better!
En bok om dagen, book blog

If you like romance we have our own queen here in Sweden, and her name is Simona Ahrnstedt. She writes romance of the best quality – allt that’s left is to fluff up your couch pillows and get going.
Jenny Lindh, DN’s chatt

Simona is awesome at writing romance. When you start reading ALL IN something big has to happen if you want to be able to put it down. Let your husband cook dinner and let the children have some extra time in front of the TV. Because. I. Don’t. Want. To. Stop. Reading. Or rather, I can’t. I am hooked… So now you know what to buy for yourselves, but also for your best friends, mom, mother-in-law, and why not your grandma. We all need a bit if romance in our  everyday life.
Boktokig, book blog

Contemporary romance apparently works just as well as historical, at least if Simona Ahrnstedt is writing it! On top of that the novel is wonderfully designed, it has a decadent matt surface on the cover, just long enough and enthralling the whole way through.
Books ABC, book blog

What a narrative, what a feeling! Several times I find myself shivering because it feels like I’m there feeling every emotion. It’s crazy being able to write like that! (…) I will be reading everything Simona writes because she is that good!
JoS Blog, book blog

What can I say? She’s done it again. Or: A pageturner. Or: Throw out your copy of 50 Shades Whatever. If you want to read great romance, read this […] The driving love story is AMAZING. And HOT. The characters have many layers that you want to know more about […] But the best thing with ALL IN is that it is the first in a series.
– Monicas Bokläsardagbok, book blog

Once again she has managed to create characters that I like instantaneously. I really appreciate that the women in Simona Ahrnstedt’s novels are self-sufficient, strong and have their own career. […]
The plot is intriguing and Ahrnstedt has clearly done thorough research to describe the world of finance so intimately and yet so easily that even the uninitiated can understand the goings on.
As for the love story, it is stormy and hot with acres of feelings to sweep you away
Boklysten, book blog

(…) the way Simona Ahrnstedt writes! The intrigue is amazing (…) it’s witty, fun, sad, sexy and incredibly clever. (…) I love all of her books, but this one takes the cake. Her romance changes in a modern setting and I believe that ALL IN will be on everyone’s lips this fall.
Åsa Hellberg, author blog

Amazing, I never wanted to pout it down, so well-written, am immediately longing for the next one that I truly hope will come. Simona is super!.
Reader review, Bokus

Hi! I just started reading ALL IN yesterday afternoon. I was still reading in my sofa by midnight – completely caught up in the book. It is soooo good! Made myself put it away in the end and will be reading the final chapters today. I just can’t stop myself although it is with sadness I will see the book come to an end… It’s just amazing. Thank you!
Comment left on http://simonaahrnstedt.se/

I have just finished reading ALL IN and will be going into withdrawal (or be rereading all of your other books over and over again until they break apart) if you don’t write any more books!! You are incredible at enthralling your readers! Thank you Simona!
Comment left on http://simonaahrnstedt.se/

I read it in one sitting yesterday and it’s amazing! I’m so impressed and happy because really good books fill me with joy
Comment left on http://simonaahrnstedt.se/

She [Simona Ahrnstedt] does this so darned well. I am impressed by the story itself. […] It is very nuanced and the characters really get under your skin
Ninni Schulman, author, http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/425006?programid=3891&playepisode=425006

It’s intense reading that, despite the thickness of the novel, is easy to follow with an original plot, intriguing characters and an author to keep an eye on!
Les Griffonneuses (blog)

Actually I really liked this story, the characters and the turn of events… I liked the fact that you’re for once not only following a romance, but the feminist cause, the problems with nationality and the difficulties people can experience in the working world to find their place […] I recommend this book to you if you want some variation with a romance story out of the ordinary.
La Fée Liseuse (blog)

Finally a cute romance with an original plot! And above all the author has dared to create two characters with beautiful personalities! […] I had a pleasant moment in the company of David and Natalia.

A beautiful surprise and a passionate story that I read at a sitting. I was taken by this story full of tricks, secrets and rebounds. The romance is indeed present. Attraction, alchemy, desire and feelings nicely explained, in a smooth and very beautiful writing […] I will follow the future publications of Simona Ahrnstedt in France with great interest!
Les Tentatrices

I must admit one thing: I absolutely adored this novel! I recommend this book for sunny days. Once passed the first technical pages, this novel is a delight.
Aux Pays des Gourmandises Livresques