Three book deal for Österdahl in the Czech Republic

Omega are the latest publisher to make a three-book deal for Martin Österdahl acquiring Czech rights for the intricate espionage trilogy!

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What lurks in the fog over the sea…

Nordin Agency welcomes Emelie Schepp

We are thrilled to announce that Emelie Schepp has joined Nordin Agency!

Emelie Schepp is a rising star in the global crime genre and has proven herself not only to be a great author but also a smart, hardworking and brilliant entrepreneur.

Since joining the agency, Emelie Schepp has signed three-book deals for new titles in the praised Jana Berzelius-series with HarperCollins in Sweden, Gyldendal in Norway and Politikens Forlag in Denmark.

Viveca and Camilla Sten’s tween trilogy goes to Michel Laffon in France

French rights to Child of The Skerries and the two upcoming books in Viveca and Camilla Sten‘s spectacular urban fantasy trilogy for tweens goes to Michel Lafon in a great deal closed just before the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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