CAMILLA STEN (B: 1992) is currently studying to become a psychologist at Uppsala University. As a self-proclaimed feminist from a very young age, politics and debate has always been important to Camilla who writes insightful articles on racism and the current political climate for several different Swedish newspapers.

CAMILLA HAS BEEN writing stories since she was young and is famously one of the most important sounding boards for her crimewriting superstar mother, Viveca Sten. Together they have written an unbearably suspenseful middle-grade thriller series, Pledgelings, and the psychological suspense novella The Reunion.

HER DEBUT NOVEL A New Dawn was published in 2016, a dystopic depiction of Sweden after a right-wing extremist party has taken over the government and implemented a biased social system. Her latest novel The Resting Place was published by Norstedts in Fall 2020, a hairraising thriller in the spirit of Stephen King and John Ajvide Lindqvist