Viveca Sten made her author debut in 2008 with crime novel Still Waters the first book in the Sandhamn Murder Series. It became an overnight success and the ten books about Inspector Thomas Andreasson and lawyer Nora Linde together with Sten’s runaway hit series The Åre Murders have now sold over 8 million copies world wide and still top international bestseller charts today.
In fact Viveca Sten’s novels are the basis of a hugely successful TV series set on Sandhamn. An estimated 90 million people around the globe have been watching the adventures of Nora and Thomas unfold on their TV screens.

Today, Viveca divides her time between Stockholm, Sandhamn and Åre. The latter being a famous Swedish ski-resort which also happens to be the location for Sten’s new crime series, The Åre Murders.

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