Portuguese rights sold for Sara Blædel

We are happy to announce that Portuguese rights for Sara Blædel‘s The Stolen Angel have been acquired by TopSeller/ 20/20 Editora. In The Stolen Angel Detective Louise Rick encounters a very troubling case as she goes up against an extremely wealthy-but psychologically twisted-sociopath targeting vulnerable young women.

Sara Blædel

French audio rights for Child of the Skerries and Child of the Mists sold

We are delighted to announce that French audio rights for Child of the Skerries and Child of the Mists by our favorite mother-daughter duo Viveca Sten and Camilla Sten have been acquired by Audible.

Viveca Sten & Camilla Sten

Stieg Larsson’s Archive in Spanish kiosk edition

We are happy to announce that the Spanish edition of Jan Stocklassa‘s thrilling true crime novel Stieg Larsson’s Archive will be published in kiosk together with one of the most important newspaper in Spain.

Jan Stocklassa

Sara Blædel rights sold to Sweden

We are happy to announce that the next book about Louise Rick by Sara Blædel will be published by Bokförlaget Polaris in Sweden. More details to follow.

Sara Blædel

Portuguese paperback rights sold for Camilla Läckberg’s The Lost Boy

We are delighted to announce that Asa Leya have acquired the Portuguese pocket rights for Camilla Läckberg‘s The Lost Boy.

Camilla Läckberg
Camilla Läckberg

Swedish rights sold for Sara Blædel’s The Family Secrets Series

We are happy to announce that Bokförlaget Polaris have acquired the Swedish rights for Sara Blædel’s The Family Secrets Series. The series consists of The DaughterHer Father’s Secret and The Third Sister.

Sara Blædel

Therese Bohman’s The Other Woman sold to Poland

We are delighted to announce that Polish rights are sold for The Other Woman by Therese Bohman. It’s Wydawnictwo Pauza who will publish the novel, they previously published Eventideby by Therese Bohman.

Therese Bohman

Film and TV rights sold for Viveca Sten’s Sandhamn Murders

We are happy to announce that C More and TV4 have ordered a seventh season of the popular television series Morden i Sandhamn, based on the characters in the Viveca Sten crime novels. With the new feature length episodes, scheduled to premier next year, the books and the televisual adaption will go their separate ways.

Morden i Sandhamn has captivated viewers for six seasons. The first one was aired during Christmas of 2010 and the latest season premiered spring of 2018. Viveca Sten’s crime novels are published in 40 countries and have sold over five million copies.

Viveca Sten