En bur av guld – The Golden Cage

By Camilla Läckberg

On the surface, Faye appears to have everything. A perfect husband, a beloved daughter and a luxurious apartment in the finest part of Stockholm. But dark memories from her childhood in Fjällbacka haunt her and she feels more and more like she’s trapped in a golden cage. She was once a strong and ambitious woman, before she gave it all up for her husband Jack.  

When he deceives her, Faye’s entire world falls to pieces and she is left with nothing. She is utterly devastated, until she decides to retaliate and exact a cruel revenge..  

The Golden Cage is a fearless novel about a woman who was used and betrayed, until she takes charge of own fate. A dramatic story about deceit, redemption and revenge.


To be published 11th of April 2019.



Australia, HarperCollins
Bulgaria, Colibri
Canada, HarperCollins
Catalonia, Ara Llibres
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