A prize-winning author who has worked as a reporter and editor-in-chief at the news department for Aftonbladet as well as Expressen, Fatima Bremmer is one of the great literary voices of today. Her book about the colourful spitfire Ester Blenda Nordström woke up a nation and changed Swedish history for ever,

In 2017, Fatima Bremmer was awarded the August Prize, Sweden’s most prestigious literary award, for her book Tomboy – Life in Every Breath. This biography about the unconventional and pioneering journalist and adventurer Ester Blenda Nordström, is extraordinary. With stunning sensibility and a free-flowing narrative, Bremmer shines a light on Sweden’s long forgotten heroine from the late 20th century.

Ms. Nordström was a women’s activist and a maverick reporter, now known as the first undercover journalist in Sweden, one who fearlessly made her own rules in society. She was a true modern-day woman who lived her life with every breath, blazing a new trail toward the future.

Fatima Bremmer’s biography about this truly remarkable woman has been universally praised in Swedish media. The book has sold over 200 000 copies, making it the most sold nonfiction August Prize winner ever!

We are very much looking forward to working with this authorship.