On November 16th the nominations for the 2021 Adlibris award was revealed and from Nordin Agency three titles have been selected.

In the category “Crime Book of the Year” the nominated titles are:
Box by Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus 

“A serial killer who likes magic tricks and imitations of famous illusions is of course made for a thriller with the purpose of increasing your pulse and an entertaining escape from reality. Läckberg and Fexeus simply know how to create a page turner in the form of a brick. Through Vincent’s lectures for the police about the mentalist’s work important reflections are added – like a discussion about the woman’s role as assistant and sawing a woman in half.”
– Göteborgs-Posten

Cocaine by Pascal Engman 

“Engman writes with a well-heeled and pleasing prose, which goes hand in hand with the harsh reality that is depicted. It creates a never faltering level of suspense. In addition, the author seems to have great knowledge of the environments in the book and the languages used in the surroundings. It amplifies the realism that makes up one of the more prominent qualities of the novel.  A page-turner that leaves the reader with a lingering concern over the state of society. ”

In the category “Young Adult Book of the Year” the nominated title is:
The Haunted by Camilla Sten 

“In a light prose and with an atmospheric narrative Sten manages to create a tight and captivating feeling without revealing too many details. Her portrayal of the mysterious village is recognisable from The Engelfors trilogy.
In conclusion The Haunted is a book that continues the series’ captivating” impression.

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