Kokain – Cocaine

By Pascal Engman

A VIOLENT SHOOTOUT with a deadly outcome on a public street puts fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of Järva. What is the next move in the war between the Wolves and the YBT, two rival gangs in the suburbs? In the shadow of the violence and for fear of his life, store owner Fatou Diop is  time and again forced to turn a blind eye to the atrocities. But the line for how much a person can be forced to endure without resisting must be drawn somewhere.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR VANESSA Frank is put on the murder investigation and finds herself in the middle of a heated gang battle where everything comes down to cocaine. At the same time as she is trying to handle her new role as foster mother to a teenager her new vulnerability will prove to be her greatest challenge in the case.

COCAINE IS THE FOURTH, free standing, part in Pascal Engman’s series about Detective Inspector Vanessa Frank. In this chilling and dark thriller he portrays the human cost of the drug trade as well as the irrepressible hope of making the world a better place for your children.

To be published by Bookmark, September 2021

Denmark, People’s
Finland, WSOY
Japan, Hayakawa Publishing
Netherlands, Volt
Norway, Gyldendal
Sweden, Bookmark
UK, Legend Press
UK, Saga Egmont Audio
US, Legend Press
US, Saga Egmont Audio

“Engman writes with a well-heeled and pleasing prose, which goes hand in hand with the harsh reality that is depicted. It creates a never faltering level of suspense. In addition, the author seems to have great knowledge of the environments in the book and the languages used in the surroundings. It amplifies the realism that makes up one of the more prominent qualities of the novel.  A page-turner that leaves the reader with a lingering concern over the state of society. ”

“There is no way the reader will put this story down. You just can’t, that’s how good this writer is”
– Anders Kapprakt, Swedish Crime Academy

“Pascal Engman’s intense way of telling the story makes it difficult to stop reading, despite the sad connection to reality. […] Engman is becoming more and more adept at building tension and tempo. […] It’s like reading Swedish daily news in fiction form: here is exactly what is being discussed the most in the media right now. But Pascal Engman tells us about individuals with whom it is impossible not to become involved […] Engman portrays many of those involved with understanding, but manages not to romanticise the criminal world.”
– Lotta Olsson, DN

“Pascal Engman is Sweden’s best crime writer. This is by far his best book.”
– Alex Schulman

“Swedish Pascal Engman has done it again. Created a nerve-wracking suspense novel. For the fourth time, detective assistant Vanessa Frank is the lead role. And for the fourth time, there is a fight for money and a little bit of love.”
– Bogblogger.dk

“A fundamentally exciting, well-composed and well-told story.”
– Jyllands-Posten, 4 stars