PASCAL ENGMAN DEBUTED with his first standalone crime novel, The Patriots, in 2017. Today he is one of Sweden’s most read authors of his generation. Critics like to emphasise the strength of Engman’s research work and the contemporary topicality of his books, two characteristics founded in his own journalistic background. Engman’s ability to portray human destinies from different parts of society in a nuanced way, combined with a remarkable sense for drama and tempo, has meant that his books can be read in more than twenty countries and have sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

UNLIKE MOST OTHER prominent examples of Scandinavian crime literature, Engman’s Vanessa Frank series takes place in an urban environment, in present-day Stockholm, portraying a different Sweden — that of organised crime, terrorism and extremism, far from tranquillity. The much anticipated sixth part of the series, Bestseller, was released in October 2023 and is a captivating thriller about how far an author can be willing to go to write a bestseller.

THE AUTHOR HAS been acclaimed by Peter James, Camilla Läckberg, David Lagercrantz, The Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy, Fredrik Backman and others as a rising star of Swedish – and international – crime fiction. Engman, who resides in his native Stockholm, was born to a Swedish mother and a Chilean father. In 2021 he founded The Pascal Engman Foundation. It works to promote reading and annually awards a scholarship to an individual who has made a significant impact to get more young people to read.