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Björn Larsson at the Dedica Festival in Italy!

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Internationally bestselling author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg joins Nordin Agency!

It is our pleasure to welcome the internationally bestselling author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg to Nordin Agency!

Catharina got her international breakthrough in 2012 with the first book in the humorous series about The League of Pensioners. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules hit the bestseller charts all over the world and spent a full year on the UK top chart. The author had previously published a number of successful, and accurate, historical fiction titles that are currently being re-released in Sweden.

We look forward to start working with Catharina’s books during the London Book Fair, both new and exciting projects as well as the fun-loving backlist titles and the suspenseful historical novels filled with Viking Saga’s and Medieval adventures.

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The Little Old Lady Behaving Badly webb The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules webb The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again webb

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Jessica Schiefauer winner of Stora Ljudbokspriset 2017!

Last night, Jessica Schiefauer was awarded Stora Ljudbokspriset 2017 for her amazing YA novel Pojkarna. The jury’s motivation in the YA category was as follows:

“The winner of this year’s Stora Ljudbokspris in the YA category goes to a book in which the author takes us listeners on a hike in a unique environment unlike any other. With a captivating language we’re taken into a world embedded in a dreamlike sheen with a dark undertone. The author has succeeded in writing a hybrid between fantasy and reality. There, the young characters goes against society’s conventions and allows listeners to reflect on stereotypical and gender-specific approaches.

The reading seems credible to us listeners, with an ear pleasing rhythm – perhaps because it is the author herself who is reading it to us.”

Stora Ljudbokspriset is arranged by Storytel and Synskadades Riksförbund.

Welcome Fredrik T Olsson!

We are proud to welcome Fredrik T Olsson to Nordin Agency!
For more than twenty years, Fredrik T Olsson has been a screenwriter for film and television, working in genres from sitcom to thriller and with exports such as Johan FalkJordskott and the television series about Maria Wern under his belt. Fredrik T Olsson’s first novel Chain of Events was published in 2014, followed up by Acts of Vanishing in 2016, and he is in the process of writing a third. Fredrik lives in Stockholm, dividing his time between writing screenplays and books.

Viveca Sten visits TV4: How to save the Baltic Sea

Erika Vallin’s trilogy “Speglarnas hemlighet” Christmas calendar 2017

We are so pleased to be able to share the news that the Swedish Christmas calendar 2017 will be based on author Erika Vallin’s wonderful trilogy Speglarnas hemlighet.

Speglarnas hemlighet is about the three friends Asrin, Lima and Max who travel to Eunomia through time and space, solving mysteries along the way. Eunomia was once a utopia but has turned into a world of terror and oppression, and can only be saved by Asrin and her friends. Erika Vallin tells a smart and diverse story set in a very fascinating and magical world.

Erica Vallin was born in Sundsvall and started writing at an early age. She has been a journalist since 2005 and is currently working as an Editor at Swedish ELLE Magazine.

SVT has been broadcasting the Christmas calendar for children since 1960. Each year a new story is selected and one episode a day airs from December 1st, until Christmas Eve.

Read more about this year’s calendar here.



Aftonland shortlisted for Sveriges radios romanpris!

Therese Bohman‘s brilliant Aftonland has been nominated for Sveriges radios romanpris!

Aftonland has been highly acclaimed by readers as well as critics and was nominated for Augustpriset 2016.

Sveriges radios romanpris is awarded each year to an author who published a book the previous year. The jury consists of radio listening readers and is exchanged each year, they read the four shortlisted novels and parts of their discussions about the books are broadcasted on SR. The winner will be announced in April.