Erika Vallin’s trilogy “Speglarnas hemlighet” Christmas calendar 2017

We are so pleased to be able to share the news that the Swedish Christmas calendar 2017 will be based on author Erika Vallin’s wonderful trilogy Speglarnas hemlighet.

Speglarnas hemlighet is about the three friends Asrin, Lima and Max who travel to Eunomia through time and space, solving mysteries along the way. Eunomia was once a utopia but has turned into a world of terror and oppression, and can only be saved by Asrin and her friends. Erika Vallin tells a smart and diverse story set in a very fascinating and magical world.

Erica Vallin was born in Sundsvall and started writing at an early age. She has been a journalist since 2005 and is currently working as an Editor at Swedish ELLE Magazine.

SVT has been broadcasting the Christmas calendar for children since 1960. Each year a new story is selected and one episode a day airs from December 1st, until Christmas Eve.

Read more about this year’s calendar here.