BEFORE SHE BECAME the internationally bestselling crime writer of The Sandhamn Murders and The Åre Series Viveca Sten worked as general counsel for PostNord (the Swedish/Danish postal service). During her long career as a business lawyer one thing was made clear. People have a hard time negotiating and not just professionally but in everyday life as well. 

HAVING ALWAYS LOVED the craft herself and being in a position to hone her skills in boardrooms as well as on the home front Viveca decided to share her knowledge of how to negotiate successfully. It started out as a business book but she soon realised that many of the examples and skills can be equally put to use at home, in the office or even at the supermarket. In January 2024 her latest non-fiction, Have It Your Way! Negotiating Every Day Like a Pro was published. The book was widely publicised and Viveca has been seen (and heard) negotiating on national TV and on the air.

TODAY, VIVECA IS a full time author who divides her time between Stockholm, Sandhamn and Åre. All of which feature prominently in her two internationally bestselling crime series.