…. John Ajvide Lindqvist, Sara Gordan, Jessica Schiefauer, Robert Karjel, David Ärlemalm, Marcus Jarl and the estate of Per Anders Fogelström to Nordin Agency.

Per Anders Fogelström is most known for his quintet spanning a hundred years over Stockholm and its development from 1860-1960. Read and loved by over 3 million Swedes.

Sara Gordan released her latest novel The Night earlier this spring and it’s been received with great acclaim from both reviews, critics and readers.

Jessica Schiefauer is a two-time August Prize winner explores questions of self-esteem, coming-of-age, sexuality and gender and engages both young adult and adults with her gleaming prose.

Robert Karjel is a lieutenant colonel turned author and with his unique composition of work experience and far reaching network he is currently writing about what took place in Afghanistan as all foreing troops left the country in 2021.

David Ärlemalm is the author of A Little Dead Around The Eyes and As the Night and he is establishing his own niche, by the critics named “Ärlemalm-noir”.

Marcus Jarl won feel good of the year 2021 and his books keep captivating people’s hearts, his new novel The Path You Took will be out by the end of June this year.

John Ajvide Lindqvist is most known for writing Let The Right One In, and has ever since kept writing books that give us the chills.
His one of a kind writing and storytelling has entranced readers all around the world and he is a true master of horror.