Award-winning author Jessica Schiefauer (b. 1978) has established herself as one of Sweden’s foremost writers of literary young adult fiction. Her widely praised first novel, If You Were Me (2009), was followed by the August Prize-winning The Boys (2011). Translated into several languages, The Boys was also nominated for the Nordic Council Debut Children’s Book Award. In addition to two theater adaptations of The Boys (2014 and 2017), the film based on the book, Girls Lost (2016), was a huge critical success and won several international awards. Schiefauer’s third novel, The Eyes of The Lake (2015), also won the August Prize, thus cementing her position on the Sweden literary scene.

Exploring questions of self-esteem, coming of age, sexuality and gender, Schiefauer engages adults as well as young adults. She has contributed short stories to the erotica collection Hot (2012) and the science fiction collection Other Ways – Ten New Utopias (2015), among others. Schiefauer holds a teaching degree in Swedish, English and creative writing. She lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2011  August Prize The Boys
2015 August Prize The Eyes of the Lake
2015 Shortlisted for the Nordic Council’s debut Children’s Award The Boys
2016 Winner of the Audio Book Prize 2016 ( The Eyes of the Lake)
2017 Winner of the Audio Book prize 2017 (The Boys)
2015 Spårhunden Award  (The Eyes of the Lake)