“With excitement and commitment, the author brings the reader into the world of mysticism and how this affects the characters. The strength of the story lies in the depiction of the character’s feelings and thoughts and how the forest shapes their actions. […] In summary, a nerve-wracking ending to the trilogy that retains the spirit of previous books and entices you to read the whole book at once.”


The third and final installment, The Forsaken,  in Camilla Sten‘s beloved YA series is now out in Sweden, where fraught suspense is seamlessly blended with magical realism.

We meet Julia and Astrid as they are nearing their graduation, but for Julia it feels like freedom is still far out of her reach. How is she supposed to leave Järvhöga after everything that has happened? When she knows that the thing lurking in the woods isn’t just still out there, but actually growing stronger every day?

Emil’s life seems messier then ever. Markus isn’t getting any better, but rather seems to be slipping further and further away, into something else. News of Järvhöga Academy’s new owner worries him. Who is the mysterious Oscar von Graaf and what ties does he have to the old boarding school?

Forest fires are plaguing Järvhöga and the flames are closing in. Will Emil and Julia manage to rescue their friends and the town before time runs out?

And the book climbed up on the bestseller list as soon as pre-orders where available!
Where the first book in the series, The Missing,  have resided for a while.