For the first time ever, Denmark’s bestselling suspense giants Sara Blædel & Mads Peder Nordbo are collaborating by creating a new crime series. The Liam & Dea Series, starting with Dissolved (Opløst), landed on bookshelves in Denmark on the 16th of June. Dissolved is published by Politikens Forlag in one of the largest launches in Denmark ever.

Dissolved hit the Danish bookshelves June 16th and immediately found its way to the top charts.

When this success duo join forces you can rest asurred that the read will be suspenseful with well-developed characters. Dissolved asks questions of how do you solve such a gruesome crime without victims? How do you track down a maniac whose only goal in life is to be one step ahead? What is it like to know that you are going to die and are waiting for your body to decompose?