Black Ice is Carin Gerhardsen’s latest novel. It is  a stand-alone psychological suspense full of unexpected twists and clever storytelling techniques.

The first book Carin Gerhardsen writes after the Hammarbyseries is a psychological thriller with a thrilling story and chocking twists.
Black Ice is an unpredictable psychological thriller, where nothing is what it seems.
Guilt, hate and destruction is the fuel that keeps pushing
this story forward and in the distance looms the sweet taste of revenge. 

The book is published by Scarlet in the US and
it has already received great praise in the New York Times 

”What works exceedingly well … is Gerhardsen’s attention to the accident’s aftermath and its effect on a group of women”

“Carin Gerhardsen’s BLACK ICE … plotted with the complexity of a 19th-century labyrinth”

The book has also received wonderful quotes from some of the best crime writers being published today.