The best-selling author Camilla Läckberg and the celebrated actor Alexander Karim have written an audiobook manuscript exclusively for Storytel Original. The epic love story follows two strangers who are separated in strict isolation in their hotel rooms at the same time as a deadly virus threatens to wipe out humanity. They break their isolation by mistake, and a dizzying, life-threatening love emerges. Glacier is launched globally on Storytel starting 15 June.

What happens to a person in isolation? What is a life worth without contact with other people? How can a person love when this love threatens their life? These are some of the questions that inspired Glacier, a novel by best-selling author Camilla Läckberg and celebrated actor Alexander Karim.

Glacier will be released in fourteen languages exclusively on Storytel on 15th of June in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Bulgaria and Poland. It will be released in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Russia and Turkey later in the year. Each market will choose their own voices for the recordings in each language.

The voices for the Swedish production are Alexander Karim and the acclaimed Bergman actress Lena Endre. Endre and Karim also played the leading roles in the movie with the same name that was directed and produced by Baker Karim and premiered this spring.