On Friday, December 1st, you’re finally welcome into the universe of Asrin, Lima and Max. Three children who are accepted to the mythical boarding school Framtidsakademin, a school for children with unique qualities. They can’t believe it when they’re chosen for a secret project that’s supposed to save the world. But traveling through the universe isn’t a walk in the park. The portal in which they travel is complex and it’s extremely easy to end up in the wrong place. The children are the last hope of the world and the question is if they will succeed before Christmas Eve. Because if time stops there will be no Christmas! SVT describes it as “a thrilling and Christmas-y sci-fi adventure”. In Jakten på tidskristallen you’ll see actors as Eva Rydberg, Rikard Wolff, Kodjo Akolor and Félice Jankell.

The Christmas calendar is freely based on the trilogy Speglarnas hemlighet by Erika Vallin. In Speglarnas hemlighet we follow Asrin, Lima and Max who go off on an adventurous journey through Stockholm and Paris, all the way to the centre of the universe, Eunomia. They travel to Eunomia through time and space, solving mysteries along the way. Eunomia was once a utopia but has turned into a world of terror and oppression, and can only be saved by Asrin and her friends. Erika Vallin tells a smart and diverse story set in a very fascinating and magical world.

Erika Vallin works as a writer and author. She finds inspiration for her writing in Astrid Lindgren and Maria Gripe, and also in classic British adventure authors like Enid Blyton. Science is a great source of inspiration as well: how does the science struggle to make the last cosmic pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that is our world fit together? What’s hiding on the fringes of our universe?

In an interview with her former employer the magazine Elle, Vallin says that she hopes her story will bring light in the darkness of December, whether you celebrate a traditional Swedish Christmas or not. Hopefully the story will also encourage both young and old, this year we need it more than ever.

Here’s a sneak peak of this year’s Christmas calendar:


Natur & Kultur recently published a new edition of Erika Vallin’s fantastic trilogy, in one full volume. If you would like to read the trilogy behind the Christmas calendar you can find it online here or here, or in bookstores all around Sweden. A great Christmas gift for all children ages 9-12!