Kallentoft & Lutteman #1, Gerhardsen #3

You see
Leon by Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman at Number ONE
Falleri, fallera, falleralla by Carin Gerhardsen at Number THREE
at the top list at one of the biggest Internet bookstores in Sweden, Adlibris (May 11, 2015).

Leon is the second book of the popular series by Mons Kallentoft and Markus Lutteman, based on Hercules first labour to conquer an invincible lion.
Falleri, fallera, falleralla is the final installment in her internationally best selling Hammarby Series.

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A Poor Little Shark by Mårten Sandén and Per Gustavsson and Run As Fast As You Can by Sofia Nordin top ten in Bokjuryn

Bokjuryn is a national yearly vote by children and young readers up to 19 years for their favourite books. Nearly 36,000 readers voted among books published in 2014.

A Poor Little Shark was voted top ten in the picture book category and Run As Fast As You Can in the YA category.

Read more about Bokjuryn at www.barnensbibliotek.se

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ATOMS by Sofia Nordin chosen by the readers of Svenska Dagbladet

Swedish newspaper SVENSKA DAGBLADET asked its readers to choose three books (out of ten) that they would like to read about in the newspaper.

Top five choices below will be reviewed in the coming weeks.




Camilla did it again! THE LION TAMER #1 on the toplist

Camilla did it again! Her latest title LEJONTÄMJAREN (THE LION TAMER) has reached the top of the Swedish bookseller list from March. Congratulations, Camilla!

Lejontämjaren topp

Carina Bergfeldt nominated for the Red Cross Journalism Award

Nordin Agency is proud to announce that, yesterday, author and journalist Carina Bergfeldt, together with photographer Andreas Bardell, was nominated for the Red Cross Journalism Award for their article series Kriserna vi glömde (The Crises we Forgot).

I am so damned proud of our newspaper, says nominee Carina Bergfeldt in an interview with Aftonbladet. She then goes on to say how much she enjoys this particular award and how happy she is to have been nominated.

Carina Bergfeldt is the recipient of the Swedish Grand Journalism Award for “Storyteller of the Year” (2012) and for “Best Writing Style” (2013). Her article series A Week With Death was read by 2.2 million Swedes and is the newspapers most successful to date. She is living proof that journalism can be both engaging and well written.


A new project from author and journalist Carina Bergfeldt

Don’t miss as author and journalist Carina Bergfeldt​ tells Resumé Magazine about her upcoming book Seven Days to Live and how it came about. The project is developed from a series of articles that Carina wrote for Aftonbladet in 2013. With 2.2 million readers, the series turned out to be the Swedish news papers biggest success to date and a story that Carina just had develop further. So look out Swedish readers because on May 6 this gripping story will be in book stores near you.

Conversation between Vaughn Ross and Carina Bergfeldt, Photo: Aftonbladet

Conversation between Vaughn Ross and Carina Bergfeldt, Photo: Aftonbladet


Stig Larsson praises author Anna Karolina – Successful newcomers


“Well, it would take a lot before I consider voting Feministic Initiative. But that is exactly what happens as I read Anna Karolina’s STÖLD AV BABIAN (STOLEN BABOON)

But you have my word that this is not only good. This is a breakthrough that can only be compared to Jens Lapidus’ ”Snabba cash”. […] What Anna Karolina adds is the police work. Next to Leif GW Persson I have never encountered such a solid depiction of the police procedural. And the most essential of all. The level of suspense. It’s almost grueling. I ditch meetings, I forget to shower, I read the book while I eat my lunch.

Enough said. Buy the book! Read it! Enjoy.”



Season 1 of Viveca Sten’s “The Sandhamn Murders” aired in France

Amazing, although not surprising, that over 1.5 million French viewers tuned in to watch season 1 of Viveca Sten‘s “Meurtres à Sandhamn: La reine de la Baltique“. The books have been doing very well with  Les Editions Albin Michel and we are looking forward to seeing more of the series on ARTE.


A POOR LITTLE SHARK premier at the theatre!

It was a theatre premier of EN STACKARS LITEN HAJ (A POOR LITTLE SHARK) by Mårten Sandén, illustrations by Per Gustavsson today in Malmö, Sweden. Tickets were sold out and the theatre was full of laughs and applause. Congratulations on a big success, Mårten and Per! 

Haj premier

You’ll find more photos at Nordin Agency’s facebook page:

Camilla and Carin – best selling of 2014 in Iceland

Camilla Läckberg‘s THE LION TAMER and Carin Gerhardsen‘s THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE are two of the best selling books of 2014 in Iceland. Congratulations, Camilla and Carin!