“The publishing house is anchored like a ship along Stockholm’s main street Kungsgatan, a large bright building topped with a rooftop terrace. The facade is a grid of wood and granite, flags with a cursive R sway in the wind. R as in Rydéns.”

A young woman starts as an intern at the famous publishing house, but stays for many years and gains more and more responsibility for the authors and publications. Everything under supervision by Gunnar, publishing director of the most prestigious imprint behind the finest literature, Andromeda.

As the years go by their work relationship transforms into something both of them have difficulties to define. Perhaps it’s about mutual trust? Or is it in fact about something else?

Therese Bohman’s new novel takes place in Stockholm and grows into a story about tradition and modernity, expectations and disappointments, idealism and crass reality. It was published by Norstedts förlag on August 15.