Steve Sem-Sandberg’s new novel, The Ocean, will be published by Albert Bonnier on September 9th and it is a strong and gripping novel about Jean-Jacques Rousseau, an uncompromising solitaire whose only refuge he can possibly see lies in the plants that he collects on the island. But soon the philosopher can’t flee any longer. At night come the irreconcilable dreams, and actions from the past he has long chosen to not acknowledge barge in, just like the water rising around the island.

Negar Naseh‘s new novel, A Handful Of Wind, will be published by Natur & Kultur.
This is Negar’s third novel and it is  a novel about fight and flight, about vulnerability and solidarity.

“On a balcony in Teheran, Minou and her son Nima are sitting and waiting. It’s the fall of 1978, she is pregnant and in the street below the revolution has picked up speed. Two years later the shah is overthrown, and in exile in Panama he fights to hide his disease from the outside world as well as his family. During the preparations for his last big appearance, an interview with the British journalist David Frost, the façade falls. The aftermath of the revolution reshapes everyone who gets in its way.

Half a life later in Sweden, Minou’s family is still wandering in the splinters of the past, of what could have been and what was. One day she gets a message about her mother being at death’s door and she decides to return to Iran.”