Viveca Sten gets her Golden Book!

It was a happy celebration at German publishing house Kiepenheur & Witsch when author Viveca Sten came down to celebrate the incredible success of her novel STILL WATERS. This first book in her popular Sandhamn Murder Series has sold over 150 000 copies in Germany earning itself and the author the prestigious Golden Book. In total The Sandhamn Murder Series has sold over 600 000 copies in Germany, once again proving that Scandinavian Crime is a force to be reckoned with.

sten helge helga Goldenes Buch Tishc

Carina Bergfeldt nominated for the Red Cross Journalism Award

Nordin Agency is proud to announce that, yesterday, author and journalist Carina Bergfeldt, together with photographer Andreas Bardell, was nominated for the Red Cross Journalism Award for their article series Kriserna vi glömde (The Crises we Forgot).

I am so damned proud of our newspaper, says nominee Carina Bergfeldt in an interview with Aftonbladet. She then goes on to say how much she enjoys this particular award and how happy she is to have been nominated.

Carina Bergfeldt is the recipient of the Swedish Grand Journalism Award for “Storyteller of the Year” (2012) and for “Best Writing Style” (2013). Her article series A Week With Death was read by 2.2 million Swedes and is the newspapers most successful to date. She is living proof that journalism can be both engaging and well written.


Carin Gerhardsen won the Grand Audiobook Prize!

TJOCKARE ÄN VATTEN (THICKER THAN WATER) by Carin Gerhardsen won the Grand Audiobook Prize as the “Best Crime” yesterday. Jury’s motivation is:

“Carin Gerhardsen applies the novel structure to the detective genre and manages to captivate the listener right from the beginning. Stefan Sauk’s reading is both passionate and nuanced, with a nerve that lingers throughout the book”

Congratulations, Carin!!

tjockare än vatten Carin

Therese Bohman Receives Double Prize Nominations for ”The Other Woman”

Yesterday it was revealed that ”THE OTHER WOMAN” is one of the shortlisted titles for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. This is the second award nomination as the book has previously been shortlisted for the Swedish Radio’s Literature Prize.

”THE OTHER WOMAN” describes the forbidden passion between a young woman and a married middle-aged man against a small-town backdrop. Therese Bohman skillfully portrays boredom and intellectual alienation from the viewpoint of her young female narrator: a university drop-out who works in the canteen of the local hospital and who finds excitement and purpose through her burgeoning affair with the married physician Carl Malmberg. Just like in her debut, Therese Bohman’s tone is very intimate and sincere, which is also enhanced by her protagonist’s sharp observations and reflections.

“The Other Woman” is a powerful, urgent, continuously alarming novel that highlights vital issues about the context of existence, that touches and raises questions about the fundamental and crucial meanings that most of us want to find in our lives.
Crister Enander, Helsingborgs Dagblad

“The Other Woman” can be read as an enthralling love story but underneath lies an original and profound discussion about the terms and conditions of the serious game in a society that comes across as completely contemporary and present.
Christian Swalander, Borås Tidning

Therese Bohman’s thoughts on class and femininity will most probably cause a stir. No matter how one interprets this, “Den andra kvinnan” is still a both well-written and well-narrated novel. The main protagonist’s combination of ocassionally irksome elitism and fathomless vulnerability becomes, in Bohman’s hands, both genuine and plausible.
Paulina Helgeson, Svenska Dagbladet

Åsa Foster shortlisted for Borås Tidning’s Debutant Prize

Åsa Foster is shortlisted for Borås Tidning’s Debutant Prize with story collection MAN MÅSTE INTE ALLTID TALA OM DET (YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT). The jury’s comment: “For short stories that through precision and dramaturgical skill explore human turmoil.”


Simona Ahrnstedt shortlisted for Book Bloggers Literature Award

Our reigning queen of romance, Simon Ahrnstedt, is shortlisted for the Book Bloggers Literature Award 2014 ( Her latest novel ONLY ONE NIGHT was picked as one of the top eleven candidates from a selection of 99 other titles. The voting will continue for another week and a half. Best of luck Simona, you are always our pick.

enenda  Simona Ahrnstedt


THICKER THAN WATER nominated for the Grand Audio Prize

TJOCKARE ÄN VATTEN (THICKER THAN WATER) by Carin Gerhardsen was nominated for the Grand Audio Prize in 2014. Congratulations, Carin!


THE OTHER WOMAN by Therese Bohman nominated for Swedish Radios’s Literary Prize

Therese Bohman’s DEN ANDRA KVINNAN (THE OTHER WOMAN) is one of six novels nominated for the Swedish Radio’s Literary Prize. Each book will be read, discussed and assessed by a jury consisting of avid readers and listeners. You can follow their discussions on SR P1, starting 2 March 2015.

DEN ANDRA KVINNAN_webbtherese bohman

Dan Josefsson won the Grand Prize for Journalism!

Congratulations Dan Josefsson – winner of the Grand Prize for Journalism! Last night his book and TV documentary MANNEN SOM SLUTADE LJUGA (THE MAN WHO STOPPED LYING) as named “Scoop of the Year” at the annual awards ceremony.




OPERATION – SELVMORDSBOMBE OPERATION – BLOOD DIAMOND by Benni Bødker was nominated for the Orla Prize again this year!

The Orla Prize is a literary prize named after Orla Frøsnapper (Orla frog-eater)–the protagonist in Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s children’s book with the same name.
It’s a prize for and by children–children nominate, vote and select the winner every year.

The winner will be announced on the 30th May in 2015.

Congratulations, Benni and good luck!!