The ever prolific Camilla Sten is out with a new book for adults published by Norstedts in Sweden.

The Resting Place is a terrifying suspense novel about dark family secrets brought to light in an isolated mansion.
We follow Eleanor who is navigating the aftermath of seeing her grandmother get murdered right in front of her eyes. However, due to clinical face blindness Eleanor is unable to describe the killer to the police. The trauma of knowing that a faceless murderer is loose in Stockholm sends her reeling.

When she finds out that her grandmother has left her a mansion in the countryside it seems like a gift from above. But as temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall a sense of foreboding settles over the old house. There are mysterious footsteps in the snow outside and Eleanor can’t shake the feeling of being watched. Could there be someone else in the mansion or is Eleanor’s anxieties playing trix on her?

With her immaculate character depictions and unnerving ability to make you feel part of the atmosphere in the story Camilla Sten gives us a frightening and claustrophobically suspenseful thriller.

You can buy the book from your local bookstore or online at AdlibrisBokus and Akademibokhandeln.