By Camilla Sten

Eleanor’s grandmother Vivianne is brutally murdered right in front of her eyes. She sees the killer run away from the crime scene, but because Eleanor suffers from clinical face blindness it is impossible for her to describe the killer to the police.

A few months later she discovers that Vivianne has left behind a huge manor house – a place Eleanor never even knew existed. Together with her boyfriend, her aunt and a lawyer she travels out there for a weekend to get acquainted with her inheritance. But the house her grandmother never spoke of hides more secrets in its dark interior.

The more Eleanor digs into the past, the more questions appear. Who was Vivianne really? Who would have wanted her dead? And why did she want to keep the peculiar manor a secret?

Eleanor desperately seeks the truth, but it seems that someone out there wants to keep her from finding it.

The Resting Place is a terrifying suspense novel about dark family secrets brought to light in an isolated mansion. 

Published by Norstedts September 2020

Denmark, Gads Forlag
Estonia, Eesti Raamat
Finland, Bazar
France, Editions du Seuil
Germany, Harper Collins DE
Iceland, Ugla útgáfa
Italy, Fazi Editore
Sweden, Norstedts
UK, Minotaur
US, Minotaur

The powerful conclusion is satisfying [..] Sten is on a roll.

– Publishers Weekly 

The pace, at first maddeningly deliberate, gradually accelerates, unleashing a whirlwind of revelations that will leave some readers still shaking their heads in bewilderment after the fade-out. Deep-laid, tightly wound, and very, very cold.