The Bookfair in Gothenburg has been taking place online this year and so did the Award ceremoni of CrimeTime Awards as well.
Nordin Agency had two of our authors nominated in the category of “Debut of the Year”, Lina Areklew and Mohlin & Nyström, and with the following nomination the winner was announced:

Action, psychological thriller and a crime novel in one. A thorough and mature debut that promises a lot – and also keeps its promise. You get entertained and moved all the way through. Important questions about class, identity and loyalty gets room here without losing the fast pace, page turning tempo in the story.
We are impressed by the psychologically complex and beautiful depicted characters, and most of all the grieving man who hasn’t found his place in life. We are also shown a nuanced and lively image of Värmland, from the posh neighbourhoods to the car workshops. This is a suspense novel with international standards, that has all the conditions to make the foundation for a long and loved crime series. We want more!

Crimetime Awards Debut of the Year 2020 goes to Peter Mohlin and Peter Nyström with “The Bucket List”

A huge congratulations to Peter Mohlin and Peter Nyström for the win!
And  to Lina Areklew as well for being one of the nominees this year with her crime novel “Beneath the Surface”

We are proud to be working with such talented authors!