Therese Bohman and Fatima Bremmer are amongst the sixteen authors who will receive Nature & Culture’s literary work grants of 100,000 SEK each.

Their writing projects revolve around subjects such as 1910s female pioneer journalists, female trailblazers in Swedish diplomacy, a modern creation story about the Million Program, exile in the margins of Järva, Iran, and France, and troubled youth drifting in a small town.

Therese Bohman
Writes a novel set in Kolmården, spanning three time periods from the 1980s to the present day. At its core is Hanna, whose brother has disappeared without a trace, forming the backdrop for the novel and its themes: loss, incomprehensibility, memory, truth, and time.

Fatima Bremmer
Writes a biographical group portrait of the Blood Sisters of Klarakvarter, the network known as “The League,” the female journalists who, from the 1910s, challenged the patriarchy and transformed both Swedish journalism and politics. A book about the group’s magnificent achievements, the fascinating lives of its members, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship that lasted a lifetime.

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