We have some exciting information about a new project from Camilla Läckberg: she has written two novellas of 100 pages each. The first one is published in Italy Tuesday the 13th of November.

Camilla Läckberg is known for being a groundbreaking author, and the first novella being published by Einaudi in Italy before any other territory is just one example of this fact.

In Women without mercy – the first novella – we’re introduced to Ingrid, Birgitta and Viktoria, three very different women with one thing in common: they are trapped inside destructive marriages. They find each other on an internet forum and make an agreement: Each one of them will commit the perfect murder on one husband. They will all kill one man and at the same time set one woman free.

The French, Catalan, Finnish, Dutch and Norwegian rights to the novellas are sold, as well as the Italian. Stay tuned for more updates!