Donne che non perdonano – Women Without Mercy

By Camilla Läckberg

Ingrid Steen is a former journalist who abandoned her career when her husband Tommy Steen was promoted to editor in chief at grand newspaper Kvällsbladet. Since then she has been raising their daughter and lately spending all the more time maintaining the image of their perfect marriage. In reality, she is more and more certain her husband is having an affair. Hoping to find out, she attaches a dictaphone inside the lining of his coat.

Viktoria Brunberg is miserable, tied to the stove in a house in Sillbo outside of Heby, a small society in the middle of Sweden. In Russia, where she’s from, she had a great life in many aspects: she had money, love, friends and respect. But after having a price on her head she had to leave everything behind. Her mother advised her to go to Sweden, where many men were in search of a wife online. That’s how she met Malte, who looked nice on the pictures and paid for her flight ticket.

Birgitta Nilsson is a primary school teacher with two years left until her pension. She has been married to Jacob since they were both very young and even though her husband has always been distant and cold to her, Birgitta loves him and their twin sons endlessly.

In Women Without Mercy – the first novella – we get to follow Ingrid, Birgitta and Viktoria, three very different women with one thing in common: they are trapped inside destructive marriages. They find each other on an internet forum and make an agreement: Each one of them will commit the perfect murder on one husband. They will all kill one man and at the same time set one woman free.


First published by Einaudi in Italy, November 13th 2018


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Feminist and feminine. A perfect plot from a champion of world fiction.
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