Zack Number 1

With “Zack” Mons Kalllentoft and his co-writer Markus Lutteman have put a modern spin on the Greek myth of Hercules – probably one of the most dynamic and thrilling stories in history. They are relocating it to Stockholm 2014 and hope to create an immortal hero. Zack is a different type of hero – multi–faceted with a turbulent background, many difficult childhood traumas that have come back to haunt him. He is just a young adult, but with an incredible energy as a police officer. When he was five years-old his mother – also a police officer – was murdered, but the perpetrator was never found. He has sworn to find his mother’s killer. The authors are using a classic fairytale from many centuries ago that is both captivating and dramatic. Each book centers around a specific case that is part of a grand, truly epic story.

Zack is number 1 on the largest Internet store Adlibris in Sweden after the second day on the market. The book rights are already sold to nine countries.

NEW! Deckarhuset – Swedish website for crime and thrillers reads ZACK and they say that the book gave them “Stieg Larsson vibes”!

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