Blædel & Nordbo can write in a way so that not even the most picky of readers can put the book down – the ending especially is intense and incredibly thrilling.

– Bogfidusen

Wound is the second book by Sara Blædel and Mads Peder Nordbo, and follows Dissolved (2021).

Chief Police Officer Margrethe Dybbøl’s teenage daughter, Zenia, is missing. Zenia usually spends a few days away from home to be with friends but when an ongoing investigation is looking at another girl who has been missing for three weeks Dybbøl begins to get nervous. Is there a risk that the two disappearances are related?

At the same time Chief Superintendent Liam Stark is called out to a scene where a body that has very visible wounds in the shape of flames carved into the skin has been found.
Dea Torp takes a few days off work to be with her new partner but much to her annoyance she needs to get back to work to help with the case.

When Dea and Liam’s investigation leads them to the painter Monika Le Fevre, who is known to carve similar wounds into living animals as part of her political art, it becomes clear that she can be tied to both the dead body and Dybbøl’s missing daughter.

It becomes clear that Dybbøl did not know her daughter as well as she thought, and the discovery of Zenia’s actions gives her chilling forebodings.