SARA BLÆDEL IS the author of the No. 1 internationally bestselling series featuring Detective Louise Rick, as well as the Family Secrets Trilogy. Her books are published in thirty-seven countries, and have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

IN 2020, SARA was voted Denmark’s most popular author for the fifth time. She is the only author to claim this title more than three times proving once again how much her readers love and respect her. Sara is also a recipient of the Golden Laurel, Denmark’s most prestigious literary award. Originally from Denmark, Sara has lived in New York, but now spends the majority of her time in Copenhagen. Her book, The Third Sister, was also Denmark’s most sold book in 2018.

THE DAUGHTER OF renowned Danish journalist Leif Blaedel and Annegrethe Nissen, an actress whose career include roles in theater, radio, TV and movies, Sara was surrounded by a constant flow of professional writers and performers visiting the Blaedel home. Despite a struggle with dyslexia, books gave Sara a world in which to escape when her introverted nature demanded shelter from the cacophony of life.

MADS PEDER NORDBO was born in 1970. Mads has lived in Sweden, Germany, and in Greenland for several years where he worked at the town hall in Nuuk, before returning to his native Denmark in 2018.

HE HOLDS DEGREES in Literature, Communications and Philosophy from The University of Southern Denmark and the University of Stockholm.

HIS POPULAR ARCTIC Noir-trilogy about Matthew Cave and Tupaarnaq has become an international bestseller and is sold for translation to 40 countries. The film rights have been sold to the production company Epiq, who are currently developing a TV-series together with an American production company.