This is a quiet but still very dramatic novel about motherhood, sisterhood and how difficult it can be to reach each other in relationships. The characters ultimately come alive, even though the author omits long periods of time in their lives. She also chooses to depict dramatic events without going into detail, yet you understand very clearly what it was like. This is a novel that moves you because of its delicate portrayal of people and its quiet drama.


Elise And Everything Thereafter is Veronika Malmgren’s second book, published by Forum. It is a novel about three generations of women, motherhood and sisterhood. About inheriting and owning one’s story. Why are those we long for the most the most difficult to reach?

Elise grows up in East Prussia. The fall of 1944 the Red Army comes closer and it becomes more and more unsafe for her family to stay at the farmyard.
Much later Marthe travels north together with her boyfriend to set camp at a mire somewhere in the northern forests of Sweden, where he wants to live outside of the society.
In 1988 nine year old Annie visits her grandmother in West Germany and observes things which with a child’s view are difficult to understand.

Elise and Everything Thereafter is a story about leaving everything and being forced to start over.

… ”Elise and Everything Thereafter” frequently makes me ridiculously happy to read. It’s a novel that was well worth waiting for!
Borås Tidning

“Elise and Everything Thereafter” is a powerful novel about mothers and daughters, siblings and love, life and death. It is a story that’s skillfully weaved together, that lingers with you.