“Look, Dam-Dam big! Can stand. Can reach. Can walk.”

Dam-Dam goes to preschool. The preschool has a gate and on the other side of the gate there are so many people to say hi too: “Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!”

With short and simple sentences and with a light poetic realism Josefine Sundström describes a regular day at the preschool. We get to follow Dam-Dam from the morning walk with mom til pick up time with dad in the afternoon. But what happens in between?

Perfect reading for any toddler who wants an introduction to preschool! Look, point and read about everything that can happen on a regular day at preschool.

The language is short and simple, with light poetic realism and it’s easy to read. It’s a language close to a child’s perspective and with a lovely rhythm […] The book presents an overall happy and positiv image of the preschool environment, where the children are in the center. The story gives the opportunity of recognition and can also be used as an introduction for toddlers who are about to start preschool.

The 10th of July Josefine Sundström was in Västervik, at the children’s books festival, to celebrate the release of her latest novel The Book About Going to Pre-school.

Above you can see some photos from the day, when Josefine read aloud from her previous books Saga-sagor and signed copies of her books for both children and their parents.