The Missing is Camilla Sten’s first YA novel and it is set at a Järvhöga Academy in the deep woods of Northern Sweden. This is the first part in a dark and atmospheric trilogy where the past and present weaves together in a small community where secrets cannot stay buried for long and history often repeats itself…

“Holy smokes what a book! Difficult to put down. Mystical. Feels. A bit of horror.. It has all the components I am looking for right now. Skillfully built with the past and the present weaved together and a language that is youthful and grown up at the same time. 
Is there anything scarier than deep, dark woods in a small town? No, not if you ask me. Throw in something on the brink of supernatural. Bam – there you have The Missing. Really good. I am looking forward to the following parts. 5/5!”
– Zannasbokhylla
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