By Camilla Sten

WHEN A STUDENT disappears from the Järvhöga Academy police and volunteers form a search party. The college is situated in the middle of the woods and winter has already put a deadly chilling blanket over the sleepy village and its surroundings.

JULIA, WHO ATTENDS the local high school, takes part in the search. First, out of boredom but she is soon pulled into an ever darker web of secrets. This isn’t the first young man to go missing from Järvhöga Academy, or its neighbouring village.

TOGETHER WITH HER new friend Emil, Julia goes looking for answers to what has been hiding in the woods for centuries.

THE MISSING IS the first part in a dark and atmospheric trilogy where the past and present weaves together in a small community where secrets cannot stay buried for long and history often repeats itself.

Published by Rabén & Sjögren 24/4/2020

Sweden, Rabén & Sjögren

Sten molds their personalities beautifully; it is easy to engage in their internal struggles and how their emotional lives catches the different threads of mystery. Write fast now Camilla Sten, while I impatiently wait. 
Stina Nylén, GP

Camilla Sten has her very own tone: rough, a little lonely and frozen. Now she turns to young adults, with an as evident a tone as before.
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

“Holy smokes what a book! Difficult to put down. Mystical. Feels. A bit of horror.. It has all the components I am looking for right now. Skillfully built with the past and the present weaved together and a language that is youthful and grown up at the same time. 
Is there anything scarier than deep, dark woods in a small town? No, not if you ask me. Throw in something on the brink of supernatural. Bam – there you have The Missing. Really good. I am looking forward to the following parts. 5/5!”
– Zannasbokhylla

I CAN’T WAIT to see how the story and the characters evolve. The mix of boarding school, friendship, the small town, magical realism and whodunit is so GOOD! Young or adult, READ IT!
-Prickiga Paula (blog)

[…] a very good and magical suspense novel for young adults, but it also suits us a little older adults. Exactly the type of book I need right now.
– Knittabilly (Instagram)

[…] The Missing is a thrilling novel about friendship, mysticism and dark secrets in a small town […] Sten portrays an array of different characters in a nice and believable manner. Also the depiction of the tensions that arise between the locals and the wealthy boys who are attending the credited college is well done. […] The Missing is the first part of a planned trilogy, and it’s really good!
– Nils Ahnland, BTJ-häfte 13, 2020

[…] I think The Missing was very good! […] I have a soft spot for books about supernatural forests, they are very mysterious and captivating just like this book. I loved the depictions of the surroundings and the mysterious and magical atmosphere. The plot was captivating and I could barely stop reading because I got so involved in the story and wanted to know what would happen. The writing was nice and graphic and I liked all the characters, they were a fun group where everyone was different from the other. The Missing offered a moving and captivating read […]. Rating 4 av 5.
– Bokugglor (Instagram)

This is going to be a masterpiece. I can feel it.
– Feelbadbiblotikarien (Instagram)


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