By Carina Bergfeldt

Follow Carina Bergfeldt to the most racist town in the US: Harrison, Arkansas. Over 99% of the population is white, the Confederate flag is swaying from cars and shops and posters warning for the “White Genocide” can be seen along the highway. A shaky car ride into the woods leads us to the place where the Ku Klux Klan has their yearly gathering.

And you are invited.

At the courtyard, where the Klan leader welcomes everyone, children are running around and playing dressed in t-shirt’s with the Klan’s red, black and white symbol on. The family is the focal point and women are becoming a larger part of the members. During the three day long yearly meeting new “knights” are voted in and the importance to keep and defend the white race is repeated again and again.

Parallel to all this you get to hear about the Ku Klux Klan’s motley history up until today. A defected member gives his view on the Klan’s well thought recruitment methods. The three days end with a crossburning, a tradition that has frightened humans for over 100 years.

First published by Tiden Publishing 2019

Sweden, Tiden