By Camilla Sten

The gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and the off-brand chocolates are laid out nicely and over the whiteboard there is a light strand with blinking lights. Anna and Rafaela are putting the final touches in the conference room at the office space.

The numbers for the small PR-agency don’t look good, and after a fall season filled with struggles Christmas will be celebrated with a really drunken party, according to the boss.

Cuts in the staff are expected after the New Year, so the atmosphere needs to be brightened up a bit. Peter Jöback’s Christmas record is blasting from the small speaker. The other companies who share the same floor have left for the evening, so the staff of AdvertiseMe has all the space to themselves.

Rafaela worries about Anna, who handles her divorce through overachieving and constantly keeping a perfect appearance outwards. Before the night is over someone will have thrown up, someone will have cried and someone has done something irreversible.

To be published by Tiden 27th November 2019

Sweden, Tiden