There is no shortage of expertise when the new Glasskniven crime fiction award sees the light of day. The prize will be awarded to the best translated crime novel published in Norway, and will be the first award international crime writers can win in the country. The jury that has selected the candidates consists of solid names in the field. Editor of Hverdagsnett Magasinet, Anne Lise Johannessen, author and cultural journalist for Adresseavisen, Ole Jacob Hoel, festival director of Osterøy Crime Festival, Bent Arild Raknes, reviewer and journalist Simen Ingemundsen, and journalist for Agderposten, Siri Fossing.

One of the nominated books is Cocaine by Pascal Engman with the following words:

A cinematic, vivid, shocking and well-written novel with a credible picture of criminal youth gangs from our neighbouring country. The contemporary bestselling author Pascal Engman engages the reader in a realistic and well-written crime novel. Power and position form the background to the story, but first and foremost this is suspense at speed, from one of Sweden’s most intelligent crime writers.

The award is created by glassblower Pål Roland Janssen, and consists of a glass knife that will be stuck into the winning book. It goes to the best international publication in Norwegian in the last three years. Together, the jury has selected five nominated books from a shortlist for the first award. The winner will be announced on 15 May, while the actual award ceremony will take place in the autumn, says jury chair Ingemundsen in a press release.