Hidden in the Shadows is the second part of the Åre Murders.
A series where Viveca Sten weaves together the grandeur of nature with strong characters in thrilling murder investigations that completely spellbinds you.

It’s Winter holiday in Åre when a badly battered corpse is found outside the village. The victim has no known enemies and the Åre police stand helpless. Hanna Ahlander is still holding on to her temporary post but she is hoping to get a permanent placement. Her colleague Daniel Lindskog is torn between his family and work.

Meanwhile a free-church cult has been growing stronger in several of the more isolated villages close to the Norwegian border. The young Rebecka dreams of serving God as a loyal pastor’s wife, but she grows more and more vulnerable and isolated. Nobody is taking her side and soon she starts to fear for her life.

When new secrets are revealed an ever darker history is untangled. Hanna and Daniel are pulled into a complicated investigation that is all about survival – by any means possible.