‘Eventide’ is Therese Bohmans third novel and it is about ideas of love, art and loneliness. We get to know Karolina,
a professor at Stockholm University, who is just coming out of a long relationship and it’s when she starts tutoring a new
postgraduate student that she finds herself entangled both professionally and emotionally.

The book has been sold to the US (OtherPress), Denmark (Gyldendal), Norway (Cappelen Damm) and
most recently to Poland (Wydawnictwo Pauza), who just published the book earlier in 2019.

And it’s been receiving great praise by the Polish readers and its’s been reviewed by two Polish bookblogs, Krytycznymokiem and Literaturasautee. And last but not least, it has a beautiful cover,
just like the rest of Theres Bohman’s books.
The cover is designed by Tomasz Majewski.