After great success with her series about prosecutor Jana Berzelius, Emelie Schepp is now releasing her first standalone suspense novel. Hundred Days in July is a gripping, emotional and endlessly exciting story about the struggle between life and death. The book will be released in early September.

One hot summer day in July, Amanda Sundin disappears without a trace. Exactly one year later, her husband, Johan, is found badly injured in his home. Who wants to hurt the couple and why?

Investigator Maia Bohm immediately gets the case on her desk when she moves with the family to Motala. Together with her colleague Greg Wallin, she tries to find the perpetrator. At the same time, she does everything she can to help her thirteen-year-old son Tim, who is in hospital in urgent need of a new heart. With each passing day, the risk that Tim will not survive grows. When Maia makes the terrifying realisation that her son’s fate depends on her solving the case, she won’t let anything stand in her way. Maybe not even the truth.

– I’ve been carrying this story around for years and felt it had to be written. And now my first standalone crime novel is going to print. I’m so proud, excited and very nervous about the book release in September, but I hope that all listeners and readers will love the story of Maia and Tim as much as I do,’ says Emelie Schepp.

– It’s been a long time since I’ve read a story that is so gripping at the same time as it is extremely exciting and fast-paced, says Erika Degard, publisher at Norstedts. Emelie is doing something new with Hundred Days in July, while her loyal Jana readers will hardly be disappointed. This is really strong!

Emelie Schepp is one of Sweden’s most widely read and popular crime writers. She has been named Crime Writer of the Year three years in a row, and has won the Storytel Awards in the suspense category two years in a row. Her debut book, Marked for Life, was published in 2013, and since then she has released several books in the series about the complex prosecutor Jana Berzelius. The books have sold more than three and a half million copies and have become reader favourites and bestsellers in several countries, as well as a TV series on Prime Video 2024.

Hundred Days in July will be released in hardback on 2 September and in audio on 12 September.