Camilla Läckberg develops crime series “Glaskupan” for Netflix.

In the dark crime series ‘Glaskupan‘, criminologist Lejla returns to the town where she grew up with her police chief and foster father Valter. The two begin investigating the mysterious disappearance of a girl. The series is directed by Lisa Farzaneh and Henrik Björn, and the concept was developed by Camilla Läckberg, who is also one of the show’s executive producers.
– “It’s more ‘The Killing’ than ‘Midsomer Murders’,” says the author.
She has sat with the writing team, bouncing ideas around and working on what will be six episodes in the first season.
– “I’m a crime nerd, so it’s a dream for me to do this. Serial killers are a particular passion of mine, when other little girls were reading horse magazines I was reading books about serial killers. They’ve laughed at me sometimes in the writers’ room when I’ve given my talks on serial killers.